You could be looking at the largest
data center or the first free Wi-Fi
access city in the world.

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Our OBX platform is a grid of technology enhanced multifunction gateways that are connected by an encrypted Wi-Fi mesh network. This creates an energy efficient platform to deliver enhanced lighting controls, extended Internet connectivity and cloud-based data center products and services.


The OBX Platform wirelessly provides enhanced lighting control and communication while aggregating the compute capacity resident in each LED lamp/fixture

Energy Efficiency – Lighting

Lighting is the next GREEN frontier. LED lamp prices have continued to decline and light quality has improved.There are national as well as international mandates for phasing-out of tungsten bulbs that is accelerating LED adoption globally.

Cloud Services

The public cloud market alone will reach $191 billion by 2020, from 2013's total of $58 billion. Cloud applications, at $133 billion in 2020, are leading this growth; cloud platforms will generate $44 billion in revenue by 2020; and cloud business services will come in at $14 billion(Forrester). Several researchers expect Private and Hybrid clouds to grow at an even faster rate.

The IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT is an evolving market with unlimited potential as building, homes, equipment and appliances become interconnected. A most recent economic analysis estimates the IoT market to be a $19 trillion opportunity for public and private sector organizations over the next decade.

Internet Connectivity

Juniper Research estimates as much as 60 percent of all mobile data traffic will be carried by Wi-Fi networks by 2019 as consumers and businesses continue to go mobile with the growing use of tablets, smartphones and laptops connecting via wireless networks. According to Gartner, there will be approximately 26 billion to 30 billion devices wirelessly connected to the internet by 2020.